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25 Gifts for Guys on Amazon PRIME

25 Gifts for Guys on Amazon PRIME

Everyone has Amazon Prime. Right? With free shipping, free returns, and 2 day shipping, Amazon is the perfect place to get anyone a gift. Here is my list to help you get something great for any guy.

We’ve all been there, it’s crunch time to buy a gift for someone and you have no idea what to get. So you type into Google “Gifts for guys” and every list that pops up is generic and lame. Well lucky for you, you found this list! Here’s a list of 25 gifts on Amazon Prime ranging from $10 - $300 to fit any budget and with something for every guy.

1. Miracle on DVD, $5.99
Trust me, every man needs to own this movie.

2. 100% Horsehair Brush, $11.99
While this isn’t the most exciting gift, it’s cheap and great for any guy with leather shoes. It is the only brush you should be using on good leather shoes - a no brainer for 12 bucks.

3. Beard Kit Gift Set, $18.91
Here we go! For all my bearded brothers, this kit will have everything and more for a guy to take care of his beard. For less than $20 he’ll get a comb, a brush, oils, balms and more. I don’t use this one, I have beard oils and balms from small batch brands - but if you’re in a time crunch this kit is the perfect gift for a guy with a beard.

4. Man Candle, $20.99
Who doesn’t love a good candle? Made in the USA, these hearty candles have great masculine scents and will make any guy sniff twice.

5. Darn Tough Socks, $21.95
These are one of my favorites on this list. These merino wool socks are made in Vermont, USA and have a lifetime warranty. Don’t worry, you’ll never need to use it though because they will last forever.

6. Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls, $22.79
These Chocolate Bourbon Candies are perfect for any guy that loves bourbon and has a sweet tooth. They aren’t kosher so I haven’t gotten to try them, but they look amazing! Just don’t have too many or else you’ll get drunk and have a sugar overload.

7. Bullet Shot Glasses, $22.99
These may be a little schticky but they are a cool gift for any tough guy - especially someone into hunting or guns. Plus, they are made in the USA!

8. Solid Cologne from Duke Canon, $24.90
If he doesn’t have solid cologne, you’re about to change his life! Super convenient and with some amazing scents (I love the Sea scent), solid cologne is no-mess alternative to fragrances. Plus, Duke Canon makes some amazing other products (check out this gift set with a bunch of their products) that are made in the USA- and the profits support our Veterans!

9. Reef Bottle Opener Flip Flops, $32.99
This one is a meme, but it’s still great. I have a ton of friends with these flip flops which have a bottle opener on the bottom of the sandal. Great for cracking open a cold one with the boys this saturday!

10. Swiss Army Knife, $35.99
Another essential for every guy: a swiss army knife. This one from Victorinox is made in Switzerland so you know you can trust the quality. If he already has one or if he works with his hands a lot, you can also get this Leatherman Surge heavy duty army knife ($119.95) with plenty of tools to keep him busy.

11. Otter Wax Leather Care Kit, $39.95
I have a bunch of leather care products and I am always excited to teach more guys about taking proper care of their goods. This kit will have multiple products in one and makes a great gift set for a guy with leather boots or shoes.

12. FootFitter Shoe Shine Set, $45.00)
Now this shoe shine set is a little different. It is for dressier shoes and boots and is not necessarily for good care but to keep the shoes looking good. Still a great kit for any guy who is obsessed with his dress shoes!

13. DIY Beer Making Kit, $45.19
I have plenty experience drinking beer and making it is just as fun! A super simple kit to follow, this gift will make any beer lover happy and excited to use so he can start drinking. Plus, you get an activity out of it which is a huge bonus.

14. Stanley Stainless Steel Flask & Shot Glasses, $49
This classic flask and shot glass set is perfect for any outdoorsy type of guy. Bring this on a camping trip along with a bottle of whiskey and the fireside vibes will be so much better. Damn, this is really making me want to go camping!

15. YETI Stainless Steel Bottle, $49.99
While this bottle is a bit pricey and you could find one cheaper, you are paying for the brand. When getting a guy a gift, picking the name brand over the generic brand will go a long way by showing you put more thought and effort into buying it. All guys agree YETI is one of the coolest brands out there.

16. Get him a Watch!

16.1Timex Weekender Chronograph, $55
Trust me on this one, this watch is great. If he doesn’t own one, get it for him. Plus, you can buy a bunch of cheap watch straps to upgrade the gift! It is a perfect budget watch and it will go well with both rugged and dapper outfits.

16.2 Skagen Dressy Watch, $84.95
Taking it one step further, this Skagen watch is a great middle ground watch. It is definitely a dressy watch with its’ signature Denmark style - a simple and clean look.

16.3 Seiko SKX Dive Watch, $215
Finally, this Seiko watch is a great way to upgrade any guy’s watch collection. It is known as a classic in the watch community so if your guy doesn’t own one yet, I highly recommend getting him one. It is more expensive but will last forever and has an automatic movement.

18. Hiking Backpack, $64.99
Every guy who goes hiking needs a hiking pack (duh!). While I don’t have this specific bag, it has amazing reviews, fits plenty of gear, and looks like it will last a long time. It is a great value for just 65 bucks!

17. Acqua Di Gio Cologne, $70.99
This is one of my most used colognes so to me it’s a no brainer. Guys can never have too many colognes, smelling well is super important. Get him a bottle and if he tends to get smelly, get him two!

19. Birkenstock Sandal, $101.95
Birks! I have yet to meet someone who has these and is not happy with them. They will literally last for 10 years and mold to your foot over time. If you live anywhere warm, he will get great use out of this Sandal all year round. Even though it doesn’t have a bottle opener on the bottom, he will still love it!

20. Parker Fountain Pen, $112
I love Parker Pens. Like I said before, going for the brand name will show him that more thought went into the gift. These pens are beautiful but they are a bit pricey. You can also check out some ballpoint Parker Pens which can be as low as $10.

21. Ray Ban Original Wayfarer, $129.99
This list wouldn’t be complete without some sunglasses! These iconic Wayfarers were made to fit any face shape so they are guaranteed to look good. And honestly, $130 is not so bad for a good pair of shades. If you know he doesn’t like these, check out the other styles like Aviators or circle frame wires.

22. Patagonia 60 L Duffel Bag, $165.77
This is my one of the items that are on my wish list! For this one, you’re getting an amazing bag that looks cool but also supporting a really ethical and thoughtful company. If he is a traveller, I really recommend getting him a duffel bag and this one is the cream of the crop!

23. GoPro Hero 7 Silver, $199
Yup, welcome to the $200 mark. Everyone knows them but not everyone owns them: GoPros. Any guy that likes photography, hiking, adventure, or travel is going to love one of these. This one is their newest version, but it is the second tier in terms of quality - a perfect value in my opinion.

24. Pendleton Wool Blanket, $219
Folks! If the Darn Tough socks were my favorite inexpensive item on this list. This blanket is my favorite and I recommend this Yakima Camp pattern. I have this Glacier National Park Pendleton Blanket and I love it. It is great for camping AND for lounging around the house. It is just a really tough blanket that comes in a bunch of iconic styles. Plus, Pendleton is a heritage brand with their mills being in Oregon - so you’re supporting a great USA company.

25. Yeti Coolers, $299
Soft Shell Cooler & Hard Shell Cooler
And now for you high rollers, almost 300 buckaroos will get you one of these. Guys, bros, dudes - whatever you want to call them - love YETI coolers. We are of course back to YETI and this time pulling out the

big guns. This is their top of the line cooler, perfect for beer, food, drinks, or even hunting he is you’re into it. Yes, you are paying a premium for the brand name - but when whoever you gift this to is stoked about this you’ll be thanking me.

And that is going to do it! 25 gifts for guys from Amazon Prime. I am super happy with the range of gifts on here and I hope you found something that fits your budget! If you do end up getting any of these for someone, let me know through Instagram. Happy shopping!

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